Friday, July 20, 2012


This is a really beautiful book. It wasn't until I finished reading it that I realized that Halpin did not take the typical route of the "sick girl dying" book. There is no magical boyfriend who bestows first love, or a series of bucket list moments. This is just a pretty story about a girl who is real, and tries to be a good friend and person while she deals with a disease that cripples her life. It is just lovely to read about her. On top of that this book has my favorite daddy-daughter relationship ever. Great read.

5:30 a.m., Brianna Pelletier gets ready for her daily pounding. As she lies on the couch, her dad beats her chest, then her back, coaxing the mucus out of her lungs. The pounding doesn’t take care of everything. Brianna’s held out for a long time, but a body with cystic fibrosis doesn’t last forever. It doesn’t matter that Brianna has a brilliant mathematical mind or that she’s a shoo-in for MIT. Or even that her two best friends are beautiful, popular, and loyal. In the grand scheme of things, none of that stuff matters at all. The standard life, lasting maybe seventy-five years, is no more than a speck in the sum total of the universe. At eighteen, and doubting she’ll make nineteen, Brianna is practically a nonentity. Of course she’s done the math. But in her senior year of high school, Brianna learns of another kind of math, in which an infinitely small, near-zero quantity can have profound effects on an entire system. If these tiny quantities didn’t exist, things wouldn’t make the same sense.

Funny, tear-jerking, and memorable, the author’s second novel for teens introduces readers to an extraordinary girl who learns that the meaning of forever can change, and that life – and death – is filled with infinite possibilities. 

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  1. I was wondering whether you would be happy to put up a link in my monthly series called “Books You Love”. The idea is for people to link up posts about a book they loved. It could be an old fave. There is already quite a nice collection of books that can go on our reading lists. Here is the link Books You Loved July Edition

  2. "Forever changes" seems like a beautiful book! I'll definitely keep an eye out for it-thanks for sharing.
    @Carole some good choices here and a nice idea. I'm currently getting most of my suggestions from bookreportradio(dot)com-the radio show highlights new books each week, author interviews and audio book excerpts. It's also a nice resource to have and if you're interested, you can find the station guide and schedule on their website.