Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have shared this book before, back when it was a little self published book on Amazon. Since then it has won the Amazon Breakthrough award which means now it is a beautiful published book. I was excited to meet Regina this past month when she came through Utah to sign some books. She was a really wonderful, humble, well spoken person. I enjoyed meeting her very much and also loved getting a signed book for me and one for my blog.

If you ever wanted to spend summer in Maine with your long lost aunt and meet people who will change your life in unexpectied ways then you'll love this read.

Jennifer is an only child, and so were her parents—at least that's what she thinks, until she finds an old photo in the back of one of her mother's books. The woman in the photo looks just like Jennifer, down to the smattering of freckles across her nose. And her mother refuses to talk about it.

Compelled to find answers, Jennifer embarks on a quest that takes her from the wheat fields of Nebraska to the fishing town of Smithport, Maine, home to the one person who can help her solve this family secret—the woman in the photo. But Jennifer learns that it takes the entire village of Smithport to piece together the story of her mother's hidden past. She needs help from Nathan, the genius with the reluctant smile from across the cove; Little, the elderly town matriarch and former movie star; and The Jacks, three weathered fishermen who dabble in pyrotechnics. As Jennifer discovers the lost chapters of her mother's life, she unwittingly begins to write a few chapters of her own.

Elegantly written, On Little Wings is an evocative debut novel about self discovery, first love, and the power of family

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