For an author to make this list, I have to be absolutely crazy about all or most of their books.

Sarra Manning - British chick-lit Goddess who write books for YA and Adults. I love them both.

Tara Kelly - Writes semi-mature YA with pitch perfect voice.

Melissa C. Walker - Fluffy YA with heart. All of her characters have distinct and honest voices.

Cath Crowley - Writes poetic YA books from Aussie land. I would make movies of her books if I made movies.

Sara Zarr - Writes YA about people I wouldn't like in real life, but end up loving in her books.

Bree Despain - One of my best friends from high school. Writes awesome paranormal romance.

Courtney Summers - Her edgy YA books would normally not be my thing, but her writing is so good, they become my thing.

Paige Toon - Writes books about girls in thier 20s, and her books consume me.

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