Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am always thrilled when a love story doesn't start out with: "Oh, she is hot." and "Oh he is hot and I want him, because we are both hot so of course we will hook up and fall in love." (Those of course are not direct quotes from any book, but mere examples of my own making.)

Skin Deep is a book about two really imperfect characters going through their own stuff and becoming friends first. It was adorable and very swoony watching the relationship grow between Ryan and Jenna. Jenna was a bit too young for my usual tastes (she is only 14), but it worked here. She felt 14 and her innocence and insecurities only added to her likeability as a character. Ryan was also layered and just lovely. He had some great lines in this. 

This is a UK book, and I hope it will eventually be published in the US, because it is a great read. For now you can still pick up a copy for yourself thanks to the wonderful world wide web.

Ugly people don't have feelings. They're not like everyone else. They don't notice if you stare at them and turn away. And if they did notice, it wouldn't hurt them. They're not like real people. Or that's what I used to think. Before I learned...

After the car crash that leaves her best friend dead, Jenna is permanently scarred. She struggles to rebuild her life, but every stare in the street, every time she looks in the mirror, makes her want to retreat further from the world. Until she meets Ryan. Ryan's a traveller. When he and his mother moor their narrow boat on the outskirts of a village, she tells him this time it will be different. He doesn't believe her; he can't imagine why this place shouldn't be as unwelcoming as the rest. Until he meets Jenna. But as Jenna and Ryan grow closer, repercussions from the crash continue to reverberate through the community. And then a body is found.

This book does mention some mature issues, but does not go into details. Except for the kissing, very detailed kisses...:)
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  1. just finished reading and honestly now one of my favourite books it was beautiful and i haven't really read anything like it before which i really enjoyed. i will admit at first i was a little unsure with the age difference with Jenner being 14 and Ryan being 16 but it worked and i loved how everything just moulded well together at the end, only con was i always cry at the end of my books (cause i have gone through a journey with them - sad i know) but i had a few tears in my eyes but i didn't bawl like i usually did but still a great book happy i picked it up and i will definitely be reading it in the future ,passing it to my friend to borrow soon :D