Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I debated back and forth on whether or not to share this book on the blog. I had been looking forward to reading it for a long time and knew it under it's previous title Good Oil. This book isn't for everyone, but here are some reasons that it might be your thing. Do you find that you love Aussie books? Do you like reading something totally different? Do you hate it when an author gives you an unrealistic ending? Then you might enjoy this book as much as I did.

You've got two perspectives in this one, and it might be the first time that I really felt like I was reading two completely different voices. The second male voice backtracks each time his section begins and that kind of ruined the flow for me, and is why this was a four star instead of five. Still enjoyed this very much though.

Love is awkward, Amelia should know.

From the moment she sets eyes on Chris, she is a goner. Lost. Sunk. Head over heels infatuated with him. It's problematic, since Chris, 21, is a sophisticated university student, while Amelia, is 15.

Amelia isn't stupid. She knows it's not gonna happen. So she plays it cool around Chris—at least, as cool as she can. Working checkout together at the local supermarket, they strike up a friendship: swapping life stories, bantering about everything from classic books to B movies, and cataloging the many injustices of growing up. As time goes on, Amelia's crush doesn't seem so one-sided anymore. But if Chris likes her back, what then? Can two people in such different places in life really be together?

Through a year of befuddling firsts—first love, first job, first party, and first hangover—debut author Laura Buzo shows how the things that break your heart can still crack you up.

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  1. I had this on my tbr for a long time before it was released in the U.S. I really loved it! For all of the reasons you listed and more. I really enjoy books with a dual POV, so I liked that about it. Plus, it's set in Australia. And Chris turned out to be a really great guy.