Thursday, May 2, 2013


I haven't posted in ages, because I haven't read anything worth posting in ages. It has been a real reading slump. I have had these little gems to keep me afloat these last weeks as they arrived in the mail. This was such a great series and I was surprised as I started reading them that they were written in 1999! I would have loved reading about Art & Coll's romance if I had read it then (although of course I still loved it now).

Some reasons you might love it too? You love British teens, you love great well rounded secondary characters, and you love to read a voice that tells it to you straight. 

Kate Cann has also published an eBook that ties up the series and gives Art's side of the story. It is short, but I found I just had to read it and it is a free lend if you are an Amazon Prime member. Search for Art's Story.

Coll thinks the boy she sees swimming every Thursday night is completely gorgeous - long and lean, powerful and strong. He becomes the fantasy that takes her out of her ordinary day-to-day existence. And then he asks her out, and the dream becomes reality. Art is strong and powerful, and he's also quite pushy. Just what is Coll getting into? 

There is drinking, sex (not overly graphic but some detail), and mild swearing.

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