Friday, March 14, 2014


This book is never in a million years the kind of book I would pick up on my own. However, I had read another Jon Skovron book and really enjoyed his writing style so I put this on my to-read list. It is hard to say how I really felt about this book because a book this size would have normally taken me not too long to read. But because of a lot of family time (weddings, births, guests, oh my) this took me weeks.

Every time I sat down to read it I was transported into the world the author created and I liked that world very much. It did feel like most of the book was exposition and then the big finish just came too quickly. But AGAIN, I don't have the best feel for the flow of this book because my usual reading pace was way off. Also, I loved some of the secondary characters but I thought the best friend and love interest were a bit flat. But the story and writing were quite above average.

So is this a book you should try? If you like strong girls, interesting back stories, believable fantastical creatures based in old myths you should read this. Even if you don't you might still like me.

Jael Thompson has never really fit in. She’s changed schools too many times to count. The only family she’s ever known is her father, a bitter ex-priest who never lets her date and insists she attend the strictest Catholic school in Seattle. And her mother—well, she was a five thousand year old demon. That doesn’t exactly help.

But on her sixteenth birthday, her father gives her a present that brings about some unexpected changes. Some of the changes, like strange and wonderful powers and the cute skater boy with a knack for science, are awesome. But others, like the homicidal demon seeking revenge on her family? Not so much.

Steeped in mythology, this is an epic tale of a heroine who balances old world with new, science with magic, and the terrifying depths of the underworld with the ordinary halls of high school.

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