Friday, August 31, 2012


I just found an awesome site that I wanted to share with you all. Book lending is a website where you can lend and borrow books Kindle ebooks.  I just started an account so I can't say whether or not I like the site, but it looks totally awesome. I've already lent someone a book, and I'm hoping to read some of the books on my to-read list. Overall, It is just a simple set up that links you to people who want to read certain books, and when you lend books you get more popular books more often. 

Maybe most of you already know about it, but I just found it today, and I am giddy about it. I think it is a great resource, and you should check it out!


  1. I hadn't heard of this but it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just tried it and found out another thing about Amazon loaning, you can only loan a title one time. I tried to loan Flat out Love again but it won't let me. Thought that would be helpful information!